…it isn’t perfect

celebrate link up

Today I’m celebrating my imperfections: I want to be a better cook, but I really should remember to put on my glasses, I wanted it to be the perfect Christmas, but I blew it in a big way, I want to be a person who isn’t selfish, but I continue to be, especially with those I love, I want to be published, but my book isn’t wanted,


I want to roll the clock back, but time marches and reminds me,

today is the day to celebrate,

not just the big and beautiful,

but the story of imperfect,

and the forgiveness,

of a great God

who loves





5 thoughts on “…it isn’t perfect

  1. Isn’t “yet” such a powerful world? I need to remind myself to add it to the end of my sentences, too! I haven’t reached my fitness goals…Yet. I haven’t published my book…Yet. With that little world you can turn failure into just another step on the journey!


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