love to celebrate

celebrate link up

I’m celebrating posting for a second time…after a very long time of not making the time to write on my blog.

I’m celebrating a crisp clean weather change in Illinois and being able to pull out the down comforter again.

I’m celebrating a sister coming to town to help with my mom and dad and being able to laugh again instead of

just crying.

I’m celebrating being a part of church that welcomes everyone in, that decided 40 years ago change was

possible and that rock bands, drama and media were acceptable forms of worship.  I love my church!

I’m celebrating that the Bears gave the Cheeseheads a game.

I’m celebrating that I can still help my former district even though I’m retired.


2 thoughts on “love to celebrate

  1. Hey Nanc, where’s your voice been? Ruth is here with me and she mentioned she misses your voice too. Hope all is well in your world. Please come back to writing! We miss you!


  2. So wonderful that you remember me. Life has been crazy since retirement. My mom got really sick. When she was sick we were selling their giant home. Sold it, and then she died. My dad is 90 and caring for him almost every day…he isn’t in assisted…independent living. So grateful really every day that I have the time for all of this. I am blessed by him. So the first year out, wrote lock step ELA for the district. This year they are purchasing so all that work…bye bye. I haven’t wanted to sub, but only have wanted to write in my down time. My middle grade is finished and I love it and people that mean the most to me love it also. I’m trying to go traditional publishing, but the process is so cumbersome. So…yes I want to get back into it and probably will do Celebrate. I do miss all of you. In some ways my life seems really mundane because of all my kids being everywhere I suppose. Are both of you at All Write? Oh, I also am not my Judson job because the state said that they had to have people who have their doctorate teaching master’s level teachers. Got a great Mother’s Day present… Em and family came in from Ecuador for a visit! love you xo nanc


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