I just scored big…

Hi Slicer Friends,

In a few weeks I will be starting to teach my class at the University.  I was able to get 31 picture books, short novels and professional books for the K-3 teacher that will be in my course this summer.  It is so amazing so wonderful…I am so excited.  Each session, I give my book presents at some point in the class.  Most are newer titles but I have my favorite oldie but goodies also. Many teachers go back to get a second master’s degree in Literacy at Judson.  It is so worth the time, effort and money to do this outstanding…very special,  program.  If you are in the Northern Illinois region..check it out, we are in our 8th year. We also have a new Doctoral Program for Literacy Educators. Dr. Steven Layne is the director for both programs… he has definitely, put Illinois on the literacy map.  In my class we get the book presents, use them in our classrooms the next week and then share on the blog I created just for my students.  They really do a ‘slice’ for every week of our class. Fun, fun, fun!!!! xo

PS This is my first post to them.

PSS Shhh…they are also getting the Caldecott winner….do you know what won? 

Getting the Poetry Friday Anthology for you has been so…..exciting… for me personally.  I have loved poems of all shapes, all colors, all textures for most of my blankety-blank years.  It is the best gift a teacher can give, the love of poetry, the desire to eat poems right up.  I love poems, I’ve tried to write poems, I sang poem songs to the moon every night for much of my childhood.  I even had a poem published in American Girl.  If you remember that magazine, you may be closer to my age than you think.

But all that stopped.  


poetry is for fools,

you won’t be cool,


if you

like to analyze a line,


if you

don’t love rhyme. (now that is a disgusting little poem)

I came back however, realizing in high school,  that musical lyrics are poetry and that a great love song is usually a great love poem, yep I was pretty much into love at the time.  I began reading again…and rather recently, have tried writing again.  I follow Poetry Friday online.  I love the generosity of poets.  Just check out Amy’s Poem Farm.  Amazing.

Fluency is where we spend our lives girlfiriends…the poems…they help us teach!

What do you think of the book presents this week?  How do you use poetry in your classroom now? Let’s get real and gutsy here.  Let’s start by telling the truth about how we really feel about poetry.  I just counted lots of I’s in this post.  Now I want to hear from you.  xo nancslice button



5 thoughts on “I just scored big…

  1. I have always told my students that music is poetry whenever they told me they didn’t like poetry. Always used the musical Cats based on the poetry of T. S. Eliot to prove my point.


  2. Well, that Caldecott winning book just happens to be one of my favorites. I’ve read it with my daughters over and over and over, and I recently used it in a Kindergarten study of one of the CCSS. LOVE that book.

    I attended A Day at Judson with Steven Layne a few weeks back. I loved it there so much. I took the literature about their doctoral program and did quite a bit of research when I got home. It would be a dream come true of mine to complete that program. But, the price tag! Wowzas.


  3. What a treat your class will be! They will catch your enthusiasm and carry it back to their class where the kids will become engaged readers. If you give a teacher a book . . .


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