up in my favorite place

My favorite state:  Colorado

My next favorite state:  Michigan

Notice that Illinois isn’t in my top two…but that is where I live, suburbia.  Dave and I are up in our family summer home raking acorns so a mover will get through and bringing truck loads of 100-year-old  junk from the basement, to a landfill.  Today I was a junk yard dog, filthy from head to toe, not wanting to even admit that I was paying and tossing.  We are up here to clean for my family, to get ready to sell a sweet little house, on a beautiful little lake, in my second favorite state.

Many of you have done this too.  Cleaned, sorted and sold.  It is painful, each precious thing seems to be a memory.  Of course it is easier to start in the basement, the trash bin of the north. We haven’t had garbage trucks since my aunt passed away…so it has accumulated.  So this is where we’ve started.  My parents have decided that this house must go mainly because of the taxes.  In Michigan, they gouge the out-of -staters.  I have no idea why, but they do.  For example:  my parents pay the same amount in taxes for the large two-story house in the Chicago suburbs as they do for this little house that is an eighth of the size of their big house.

So…it is heartbreaking, this big clean up.  We need this sale to be able to care for my parents as they age. I have to keep my eyes on what is really important.  It is selfish, I know to want it not to sell, I really wish that we could afford it. Maybe it would be a possibility if I sell my house in suburbia…but I can’t do that, because then we wouldn’t be able to be close enough to care for our parents or enough to ever visit my favorite state.  I go round and round about these decisions.  But there is one thing I know…

This little house has been a blessing sent from God and my great Aunt Emeline.  I

love this cozy little house,

in this cozy little town,

in my second favorite state, Michigan.

PS I think I will have to post up why Colorado is my favorite state soon.  I wonder where you love to travel…I wonder what it is like to live where you live?  For example, if you live in Michigan or Colorado, do you ever go on vacation out of your state? I guess I would just stay put and gaze out my window at the spectacular mountains.  But maybe you love to visit our crazed city of Chicago.

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4 thoughts on “up in my favorite place

  1. Oh I can so relate to your post. I have a small family cottage that we are struggling to hold onto. Has been in my family for almost 80 years. My heart aches for you. But you are right- focus on what is most important. Best of luck.


  2. It is so hard to get a place ready to sell. I had to do it twice for two maiden aunt’s. We also started in the basement because most of what was down there was trash. Good luck.


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