‘the process’

This has to be short, very short.  I am so wordy these days.  My friends are coming and our process begins again.  We are three former literacy teachers/coaches and retired last year.  Many predicted that we wouldn’t be able to keep our hands out district pot…because we love to give. And at least one of us love to get our own way.  That would be me.  Oh, I guess that would also be my two other friends as well.

We started out writing opinion units that we integrated with literacy.  We need to use the literacy time and integrate, because of time…there never is enough time!  We presented these units in February and have started work on a district scope and sequence and pacing guide.  We are doing this with only about 50 other classroom teachers.  We get their ideas, and then we work on the guide, using Big Ideas and Essential Questions to guide our work.  We are using current district materials for the most part, and on-line tools.

The resulting work looks good, we think…at least on paper.

However, we all have spent our entire lives in the classroom.  There have been many moments that I have questioned whether I would have been able to keep with this guide, or whether I would have even wanted to.  I admit, there has been moments of what I would call ‘holy discontent’.

The point, however is this,  we want the teachers to try it this way and then make suggestions for what needs to be changed.  This is meant to be a flexible document and one that takes 2 to 3 years to develop.

One of the vehicle’s that we will use to get feedback is a blog that will be created just for this purpose.  I am excited to hear the voices of teachers again.  The Next Generation Science Standards that have been adopted and that we are integrating are incredible, but for the most part have many baffled.  Our teachers are used to teaching units, different units at every grade level.

So we are trying out…everything is one big experiment, it seems.  I always loved creating a hypothesis when experimenting.  I hypothesize that there might be some excitement around these changes! And it is pretty important to listen.

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6 thoughts on “‘the process’

  1. This is a huge undertaking. It sounds really interesting. I’m not sure that I’ll want to do anything like that when I’m retired. At the moment, I don’t think so, but I’m mired in middle schoolers every day, so maybe when I’m not I’ll miss the action!


  2. It is hard to stay away from what we have done for so many years. It is ingrained in us. I think that is why I am still involved in our local Writing Project and look forward to going to conferences even though I no longer have a classroom in which to put into practice what I learn.


  3. ” I am excited to hear the voices of teachers again.” I think that even though we have all of this technology, it is so important to use it for strong communication. Teachers deserve to be heard and to be able to make big decisions and plans that effect others! Good for you putting in such strong work into a major plan. You will have it in your bones by the time it is complete. Nice reflective post on the challenge, and the upswing you are hopeful for.


  4. Your enthusiasm will inspire the teachers. However, I wonder too about the prescriptive nature that some districts are laying out for teachers. When the curriculum is prescribed, how do the students play into the equation?


  5. Lynn

    How wonderful that the district has your group create and teachers execute! I’m sure the teachers really appreciate your hard work.


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