slice buttonbuddy boy

you’ve been my pride and joy,


except when you were


climbing to the top cabinet,

or when you showed you creative talent,

marking up our favorite chair-

with permanent marker

you brought music to our lives,

some of the notes, of course, were flat,

like many little boys,

as they are growing,

but in my eyes you rocked our house with

all your jazz,

your creative energy fed our lives,

and currently gives hope to many.


little boy minds

become men who care,


to create a positive song.

Note to all my friends:  Raising this boy has been joyous, but not an easy one.  He has found his path, works with youth at Mile High United Way, the greatest organization on the planet, that’s what Jeff would say.  He is now able to use his skill with people and digital media (short film) to change lives.  I am very proud that his brain is now fully formed at age 28.  He also is engaged to a very special person, Brittney, who also devotes her life to serving people.  Here’s a pic of Jeff when he was a pretty young music student.  He loved his big bass from the start and still does!

love you Bud xo mama

Scan 1


8 thoughts on “Bud

  1. Love this. Love your ending line. He sounds like an amazing man. I, too, took the long road on the journey to maturity. Once I arrived, though… I ARRIVED. Sounds like he has, too.


  2. I also love this! Favorite line :”all your jazz.”
    I get what you said about fully formed mind- they can worry us for years, can’t they?
    Another favorite line: “Little boy minds/become men who care.”
    Just lovely.


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