getting there…

slice buttonI woke after the alarm tried rousing me.  Cloudy days make me want to sleep, and this week has been full of low gray clouds.  I buzz out the door with only time for coffee.  I grab an apple thank, goodness.  My friends and I work hard on the pacing guide…only two grade levels left to go.  I buzz when we are done to meet my parents and get yet another look at an independent living community in the suburbs.

Generally, I know the direction to go and start traveling.  I pull over half way because it feels like I’m traveling too far north.  I try putting in the directions using the navigation on our new car.  It says that it can’t read my cell phone.  I worry that I left my cell phone…somewhere.  I continue on the way and the road eventually begins to bend east.  I wish I just had an old map..but they are in the old car.  I keep guessing as I see the suburbs one after another.  I know that eventually I will hit a road that I know.  Finally I see a sign…I’m in the right suburb.  I know that the community is on the northern side of this town.  I turn left, north again.  Suddenly I’m upset, because I’m in another suburb after about three miles.

This can’t be right, ”

“ERRR, I’m so mad at myself that I didn’t print out directions.”

Now I’m starving and thirsty.  I can’t stop, because I want to find the place first and then find a place to relax and get a sandwich.  I decide I’m too far north.  I turn around and start heading south and keep looking for familiar roads.  One appears, I think I’m getting close.  The only trouble is , I know that this large independent living community is not off a big road.  I start weaving through neighborhoods, back and forth, up and down streets.  I finally find it…yipee!

Then there is still about 15 minutes left so I decide to go out looking for any fast food I can find.  There is nothing close and I was too afraid to venture too far off course, because of my propensity for the word, LOST.  So I went back and pretty grumpy and getting grumpier by the minute.  I wait and wait pace and pace because my parents were late.  I couldn’t call them, because I didn’t have my phone, oh wait, they don’t have a phone either!

Finally they arrived…the best part of the day was that it looks like finally my parents will be moving from their very large,old and hard to keep up with two-story house.  And the day suddenly became brighter, and me… less grumpy.


9 thoughts on “getting there…

  1. I hate “lost.” I just pull off and ask. Never do I try to just figure it out as I would be lost forever. Directionally challenged. Also, touched a connection with my aging parents and a possible move soon. This is also challenging for all. D 🙂


  2. I am terrible with directions. That is why I take Kathy with me anytime I am going to an unfamiliar place. Glad things worked out and the grumpies found their way out.


  3. I can feel your frustration in this piece. Until the end, when I think I felt your heart lighten. Seems like the terrible day was worth it, and you can rest easy (and eat!) knowing your parents have found a new home.


  4. Oh, that’s frustrating when you know you’re close but you can’t quite locate your desired location. I’m glad you found it and that the outcome sounds like what you hoped for!


  5. Nanc- you and I sound like we could be identical twins. I can’t even tell you how many times I have been here. Lost. No phone. No food. Shoulda, woulda, coulda! On a bright note, I’m glad you have found a place your parents will like. We have traveled that road with my mom in the past year. I can’t write about it because she reads my blog.


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