Bringing it together…


Hand in Hand

Mentor Texts,

Nonfiction Mentor Texts,

I Read It But I Don’t Get It,

Catching Readers Before They Fail,

Is That a Fact, 

Revisit, Reflect, Retell,

Literature Circles,

Bringing Words to Life,

After the End, 

The Energy to Teach !

These books are oldies and goodies!  Recent titles are on my i-pad….how to I do a stack poem with them?  Thank you LC (Elsie),  for the energy you give me from your posts…your commenting love..I am forever grateful. xo nanc

PS If I was doing a dissertation…it would be how reading and writing should be integrated, all day, every single day!

PSS Long live Donald Graves and his followers…the famous Carol from Carol’s Corner and Penny Kittle to name a few.  I learned from his books, the perfect mentor texts.  I am still learning from Carol, Penny and all of you!


8 thoughts on “Bringing it together…

  1. I want everything integrated all day, every day, every age! I guess that’s hard to do in the upper grades, like high school, but wouldn’t it be great to try it? – at least a part of each class? -to see what happens?


    1. Oh, and the iPad books…How about –
      cut and paste the titles onto the blog page…or find a picture of blank books spines and paste the text onto the spines in the picture and post the picture of the “photoshopped” image. It is more work, but I’ll bet you could come up with a wonderful “found” poem.


  2. Love Book Spine poetry . You can tell you are passionate about reading. Your dissertation ideas is fab! I think Donnas idea for cutting and pasting iPad titles would work!


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