my friend waits…

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My friend waits for the staging of his cancer.  I remember the phone call.  My sister says,

I was hoping for better news; it’s stage 4, lymphoma.

Silently I the tears began.  I felt like I was standing in the driveway waving good bye to my little sister going to for a sleep over at Grandma’s house.  Back then I thought it was forever.  In this moment I knew she might be leaving…again…maybe forever.

It will be okay, Julie.  God is with you.  I know you will get better.  We will fight this.  You are my strong sister.

It turned out she fought…hard…God has blessed us with twelve more years of being sisters.  I want remission to be forever, but our lives here on earth are not…forever, we both know that heaven is our home; our guarantee.  And that is enough for now.

My friend waits for the staging of his cancer. Prayers fly up to heaven. May it be so again; may healing come. xo nanc


4 thoughts on “my friend waits…

  1. Every day we are given is a gift to be cherished. Yes, there is something much better waiting for us when this journey ends and the next one begins. This faith in something better is what keeps us going through difficult times and gives us the strength to carry on. when loved ones take that journey. Thoughts and prayers for your friend and you as well.


  2. Oh, this is so hard. It is hard to stay present when things are dire, yet this is when our presence is most needed. Bets thoughts and wishes for your friend and for you.


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