can I just say???

slice buttonI love her, love her like a song.  Her name is fun to say, Kelly Di Pucchio (Kelly Di Poo Chee oh) and her books are just a riot.  I always look her up to see what she is up to when I’m ordering the picture books for my class.  I haven’t loved a book like this since her last book that I loved so much,Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet.  Her book that I purchased last summer for my grand-daughter didn’t even get to my grand-daughter.  Gaston has traveled in my back pack, to and fro, wherever I go that I can share a book.  It is absolutely my favorite picture book right now for one big reason….right in the middle of the book you lay it in your lap and ask everyone,  what will Gaston do next?  You ask them to write in their notebook and sign their name.  You draw this out as long as possible and even put a tally marks on the chart.  You  write on top of the chart:

        Gaston will choose to………………….  because………………………..

You then look at all of the cherubs, after the votes are cast,  and say,

We are going to wait until tomorrow to find out!

They will then cry and beg and plead with you to keep reading.  And then if you keep reading some will be shocked and some might not be.  Either way, it will be the perfect moment of your day with your kiddos.  I highly recommend this book K-5…but it is pretty perfect for 1st or 2nd. or for adults in the room.  It is clever and practically perfect in every way!  And the best part…we loved reading it close!

Ah there is more…can I just say the word choice is extraordinary and makes you want to crack up.  Be prepared for those who perseverate (that would be me).

GASTON cover


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