Hallmark to the rescue…

slice buttonOutside walking just didn’t happen this winter mainly because I have broken at least every extremity that I own.  I didn’t want to risk going down on an icy patch.  I love to be outside to work out, and I can’t wait to get back to our woods near our home.  It looks like it will be at least a few days until I can smell the great outdoors again.  So it’s back downstairs to the elliptical.  Mine has a cross county ski feel to it.  I can adjust it to a harder or lower level, according to my mood and exhaustion.

Outside I have always loved to listen to music as I walk.  Inside I do every once in a while, but this year I have decided to watch taped DVR programing so that I can fast forward through the commercials.  I loved watching most of Katie Couric’s shows and could decide ahead of time if it was worth watching from the guide.  Sadly, Katie was cancelled.  Now what?  I tried news shows, but they were just bummers most often and very repetitive.

Finally I found just the right thing for me…Hallmark movies.  I don’t stay on the elliptical more than 45 minutes, so one Hallmark special will last two days fast forwarding through the commercials.  I love the simple, predictable plots, very simple violence or none at all….and seeing actors and actresses that were very popular for a time and now just enjoy the simple life of Hallmark.  I’m also a Hallmark card girl from my youth. You only use these cards when you ” care enough to send the very best”. Hallmark TV movies are the kind of shows that I still watched with my daughter through her twenties.  I kind of compare my simple addiction to Dave and March Madness or college bowl games.  He laughs at my need for Hallmark, to see things with happy glasses…to be in a place where I know things are going to turn out okay.

But at least I’m not laying prone on the couch, I say.  I’m working out, and I hardly notice that my arms and legs continue to move.  It is my simple distraction and I think everyone has a right to that ‘happy place’ every now and again.  xo nanc

Let the sun shine in...watch                    Hallmark!
Let the sun shine in…watch



6 thoughts on “Hallmark to the rescue…

  1. Nice. I watch the Hallmark Channel show called Cabot’s Cove. I wait for two weeks worth to accrue on the DVR because so little happens in each episode that one just isn’t enough. Each time I ask why I’m watching it, yet I keep coming back! I guess there’s a niche for all kinds of shows! Keep up the workouts! Whatever it takes to keep moving.


  2. If it entertains and keeps you occupied so you can get through your time on the machine, I say great! Sounds like a perfect solution to your viewing problems.


  3. I watch the Hallmark movies with my mom. She loves them and I always tease her, but secretly, I kind of like them too. I long for a fairy tale like that in my life.


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