i didn’t fit

slice buttonOn Sunday


…Trying to get about 3 posts in before the crazy week engulfs every part of me…

Before that, finishing up the 66 posts…trying to at least have a chance

Before that, Dave grabbed my hand to let me know that words weren’t necessary.

Before that, tears dripped while I was trying to explain my sadness.

Before that, Dave asked what was wrong

Before that, I kissed Grandpa goodbye, he misses Grandma something awful, so do I.

Before that, Grandpa said that he was sad that he forgot Kelly’s birthday, so did I.

Before that, Grandpa wondered out loud if maybe he could go to Jeff’s wedding in Denver with us.

Before that, basketball was turned on the TV as Grandpa and I silently watched and Dave snoozed, I needed to make the conversation work…all… by… myself.

Before that, we ate way too much at a new restaurant in town, felt guilty…again.

Before that, we made the hour trip to Grandpa’s with our Starbucks in hand, of course I had cream.

Before that, we heard about leadership at church and were asked again to stand if we were the leader of something…not… any… more… I thought- retired.

Before that, we woke after a very short and sleepless night.

Before that, we were at a fancy party downtown to honor Kelly and Matthew’s engagement, I didn’t fit with the party people.  Made her happy we were there, made me just very sad.

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8 thoughts on “i didn’t fit

  1. This post made me feel so many things all at once. I agree with the other commenters, you captured so much here. It leaves me with a feeling of sadness, though.. and a lot of wonderings….


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