In Defense…

slice buttonSeveral years ago, as we were beginning preparation for the classes we teach at Judson University, I commented to Dr. Layne,

“I feel like we almost need to go ‘underground’ to keep doing some of the great work we do in literacy.  For example, we have to almost justify why we are reading aloud to our students even in elementary school.  “He smiled, that is exactly why I am writing my book.”

The book, recently released, stands on the back of much research.  I believe that we need to stand up, learn about the research and be able to defend read aloud to parents, some teachers, administrators, superintendents and even state superintendents.  If you are in a school or system where this defense is necessary; this book is for you.  If you want to learn how to deliver a more effective read aloud; this book is for you.  If you want to hear from the greatest educational leaders of this century; this book is for you.  If you want some ideas about great titles to use K-12th grade; this book is for you.  It is an exceptional read and some of you may even choose to read it aloud to someone who really needs to hear this message.  🙂

xo Nanc



13 thoughts on “In Defense…

  1. This is the premise of our blog: . Our mission is to bring research to life in classrooms, giving a rationale for best practices. We do this as an answer to the vague uninformed decision making that is so prevalent in schools and the public sectors. Of course read aloud is a very important practice that is essential to developing readers at all phases of development. We will buy this book read it and give lend our ideas for its use in the classroom. Thank you for such a great read.


  2. Read aloud has been a facet of my classroom instruction as a teacher. I really struggle to get the teachers at my school to do it with kids. I need to buy this book!


  3. Adding Steven’s book to my list of “must buy this!” I appreciate your sentiment here and agree completely! I especially enjoyed how you suggested at the end to read the book aloud to someone who needs it! Great and creative way to end the piece!!


  4. I love this book!!! And, don’t even get Dana of the TWT started on how much she loves Steven Layne!!! I’m planning much of our summer program for kids based on the premise of this book. It’s a great, great book!


  5. Since you read my post yesterday about my school’s reading challenge fail, you know I need to to “shout” the message of this book to others! I’m buying this book today. I have departmentalized and don’t even teach our reading curriculum any more but I still read aloud to my class. I am also adding this book to my post for today(Thanks!)


  6. I love to read aloud to my students. Some of them love it, and some just ignore me and read a book of their choosing. I feel like I may need this book to share with them!


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