book love

slice buttonI really never I thought I’d cross over, but I have with my adult reading.  I think it has something to do with 1 click and Amazon Prime, oh and backlighting on my i-pad.  I have only crossed over to read adult fiction and recently, professional reads.  I really don’t even ask, I just click.  After all, Dave doesn’t ask me.  My sister thinks it’s wrong, the departure to technology, however, in the middle of the night, when I can’t sleep, I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing snug in my covers.  I don’t even need my ‘cheaters’ in the dark night with the dark words and the bright white light.  I feel safe somehow and a part of the story and the community of characters in the book.

Picture books would be the exception…I will never cross the line.   I love the full-page spreads, the size and the texture of the paper and the covers too much to cross over. I love the smell of a new book and the age of a worn book.  I remember when it was purchased or who gave it to me and what made them a special part of my life.  Parting with these books only happens when Emily or Jeff spy a book from long ago that somehow got stolen from their shelves and brought to my classroom.  I quickly give it back and say a ‘little sorry’, I forgot that I had borrowed it for 15 years.

I  love books, the feel of them, the smell of them, and of course, the precious words strung together like music in them.

xo nanc


12 thoughts on “book love

  1. One click has been an expensive habit for me. I have ate 20 books in cyberspace awaiting me…but I hear of a book…want to read it…and hit click…all the time…sigh…I will need a 10 step recovery some day I am afraid. But, like you, I still love my picture books…all of them…borrowed or not!


  2. I, too, like the feel of a book in my hands. However, Free books on my Kindle are great deals in that i am reading authors I wouldn’t think of reading before. Another plus is that with my old eyes i can change the size of the font to make it easier to read. It it also easier than holding an 800 page novel in my hands.


  3. Jaana

    Picture books have to be made of paper, fiction can be either. Kindle is great when my eyes are “tired” and I need a bigger font! Variety and choice are good things to have!


  4. I am a librarian who hates physical books. I know, I’m in the minority. When I’ve admitted this in a room full of librarians… well… it got ugly to say the least. Ha!

    But I still love a physical picture book. They’re just better in physical form!


  5. Oh the magic! It’s so much stronger with a real hardback book in your hands isn’t it? That being said, the one-click age has got me too. But each and every time I find the perfect person for the perfect book and it is on my device, I cringe and wish I bought the “real” version. lol


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