sisters…’there were never such devoted’

slice buttonNancy, Julie, Carol…Nancy, Julie, Carol..growing up it felt like one word, one brain, one life.  We were so alike and so different.  We were a threesome for everything family.  Close in age, I often ask how my mom did it, wondered how we got through those fighting teenage years.  She used to say and still says, “I just want you to all get along.”  We have for the most part, gotten along.  Yesterday, my sister that lives out-of-town came in with her husband to go to a concert with my husband and I.

My sister #2 is generous and loves to gives gifts.  She brought me a small book to give to Sammie and Julie.  In this sweet book the first few pages read:

We’re sisters forever.

We’re friends through and through.

We’re happy together,

Whatever we do!

We like to take walks

In the cool morning air.

We like to have talks

And share all our cares.

The pictures are darling.  and even resemble my grand daughters.  One of the little girls has curly red hair and the other is a blondie…the same as Sammie and Julie!  The theme of the book is that sisters will always be there for each other.  This is the way it is with my sisters, even though we may disagree, we will love and respect each other always.

Sammie and Julie are growing up together in a foreign country away from us for most of the time.  It comforts me to know that they will, most likely, have a very special friendship and love for each other always.  Last two pages read:

Yes, we’re joined at the heart,

Like birds of a feather.

And we love one another

’cause we’re sisters forever.  …Sisters Forever (P.K.Hallinan, 2014)


My sisters and  a couple of our girls!
My sisters and a couple of our girls!




3 thoughts on “sisters…’there were never such devoted’

  1. Samantha Marquardt

    Family is so special. Siblings know us in ways no one will ever know us–we share a childhood and parents. This connects us forever, whether we get along or not. What a beautiful tribute to your sisters…and your granddaughters.


  2. I can’t think of anything that is more important than family. I have two brothers a and one sister. We might not always agree, but we are always there for each other.


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