checking in on my olw…INK

slice buttonThis word found me at church.  My pastor was talking about things that are important we should  INK them on our calendars so that we aren’t tempted to erase them.  He was encouraging us to make  very important appointments, that come with a very busy life a priority.   For example, I remember him talking about his breakfast once a week with both of his grandsons.  They have breakfast out and then drive by our Care Center and pray for the people who come that are hurting and hungry.  They do these two simple things week after week.  They are INKING on each others hearts I think.  These little boys will remember this forever; how their grandfather consistently loved them.

I decided to adopt the word INK and wrote about it on a Tuesday slice.

How am I doing with it?

I am consistently keeping much of what I have INKED.  I meet with God first thing every day.  I email or talk to Em every day.  I am trying to answer my phone more often and am doing a bit better with knowing where I put it.  I text my sister back when I find my phone.  I contact my parents and visit consistently.

And I write, at least a couple of times a day.  I even pulled my middle grade novel back up and have started working on it again.  I love the story I’m telling.  Getting stuck in the plot got worked out a bit as I asked Dave for some help.  Talking with another person really helps me INK.

The hardest thing for me is maintaining.  For example, I have an appointment with my elliptical.  I love to exercise, but some days, I would just rather sit in my chair and write instead of making that appointment in the cold basement.  To make it more palatable, I recently started taping Hallmark movies…I am a sucker for them! I like to tape them so that I can fast forward through the commercials.  They definitely help me INK.

How about you, how are you doing with your chosen words? xo



7 thoughts on “checking in on my olw…INK

  1. Sounds like you and your word have a fine working relationship. Congrats on picking up you novel. Two of my favorite buttons on the remote,,,fast forward and mute..


  2. I’ve tried inking exercise into my schedule, but it doesn’t seem to help me either. The best way for me to actually exercise it to have a workout buddy so we can help each other stay on track. Good luck!


  3. Exercise has been inked on my schedule for the past seven months. I don’t really think about missing it because it is just what I do. There are definitely some other things I could consider inking in, however! Thanks for such a good idea, told beautifully.


  4. There are many things I need ink on my calendar. I had wanted to write about a scripture verse each day lent and sadly, that has not happened. I remember reading your first post about this word and loved it!


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