A very real tale…

don and samFor 3 years my husband Dave has traveled to Ecuador in the winter without me.  He was the one who retired first and there absolutely was no stopping him from seeing our first Grand-daughter Sam, even if it meant going through that crazy Miami airport, learning how to travel internationally on his own. We’ve traveled extensively in the U.S. together,  but haven’t out of country, until our Sammie moved very far south!  This was the first year I got to go with during the winter…and I guess Illinois had some of its coldest days.

But even if it had been terrible weather in Ecuador…we would have still been there to snuggle all of our girls, Em, Sam and Julie.  Oh, John gets a hug every once in a while too.

But this story is about a new bond that formed while we were there.  Dave became Donnie, Sammie’s little boy on this trip.  They played extensively in the back yard with Sammie and her playhouse. This little girl has one crazy imagination.    The main characters in this tale are Mommy and Donnie.  Donnie was having fun playing games with toys, building,  dressing up, riding his bike and sliding on his slide.  Mommy was cooking delectable meals made from small insects, mud and water, you know, recipes from Pioneer Woman. Most days  when Donnie played he was a good little boy and Mommy  was able to get her work done.

But on this day, Donnie did something that didn’t please Mommy.

“Donnie,” Mommy sternly said, ” You must go to time out.

“But Mommy, I didn’t do anything wrong,  I don’t want to.”

“You don’t have a choice…sit right here on this bench! Right now.”

“Okay, I will.”  So Donnie sat.

Mommy came over and put her gentle hands on both of Donnie’s cheeks.

“Now Donnie,” she said.  “I want you to take a deep breath.”

Donnie did as he was told.

” You know I love you, but you must obey.  Sit here and think about what you did wrong.”

“Mommy?” said Donnie.

“Yes, Donnie…”

“Can I read in time out?”

“Of course! Just make sure you stay there.”

“Mommy?” said Donnie.

“Yes, Donnie…”

“Will you get my phone please?”

“Sure, I’ll be right back.”

Donnie smiled happily.  Happy for time out and his book.

The End

Morale:  Children will reflect the ways of their parents!

Snip, snap snout, this tale is told out.

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12 thoughts on “A very real tale…

  1. Pamela Hodges

    Such a sweet story. Your husband became little Donnie, and Sammie became a mom. A great morale. I wonder what behaviour my children would model?


  2. Lynn

    Oh my gosh is this adorable! Don’t you just love to see what goes on inside little people’s heads! I love when Donnie asked for his phone…I could almost imagine in some homes that would really happen!


  3. Precious, right? To enter their worlds and see it as they see it? I love how you spent your time–enamored and engaged with them. Children are a precious gift and their imaginations are the best vacation destinations! To many more visits!


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