bird feeder becomes bird feeder

slice buttonstalking sly

he smells our feeder,

small finch without their golden hue of summer,



state bird cardinal sing others

to our feeders,

of course our squirrel

hangs and swings,





takes down,

a lonesome dove pecking at stray feed below,

talons carry him

to the back


he leaves a feather

bird feeder becomes bird feeder.

PS  If I was Elsie, we might have caught an image of this predator.  Snow was too deep and he heard the door open.  It was an incredible seeing this amazing bird, my first glimpse of red-tailed hawk up close. xo nanc


4 thoughts on “bird feeder becomes bird feeder

  1. Gorgeous birds… I have a red-tail that hangs out near my house. I can tell when he (she?) has been around because there’s a lot less seed missing from the feeder on those days. Love the poem! Great way to capture the moment.


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