the hat, the hands

slice buttonThere is now a card table set up in our dark and cold ‘work room.  Dave set up a comfy chair right next to it.  He placed two of my white boxes on the table and a gigantic garbage bag on the floor.

My mission directed by Dave was this:  get rid of everything from your former classroom that you don’t need.  It should go into the bags I have placed on the left of the table. I will carry it out to the garage and eventually we will have our workroom/storage room back to normal.

Now, when Dave left his life in the Media Center four years ago, he came home with 1 white Banker box.  I had 25 and at least 6 large storage bins.  Our truck and our wood slat trailer were both filled with furniture, pillows, boxes and bins.  For at least 2 months the storage trailer was in the garage and I sorted. Much was brought out to our curb to do away with, some up to my office, and boxes down in the basement.  Dave has been very patient with me but you could say that the patience vanished at 2 months.  Now he is very determined, like a Spartan.

It is excruciating work for me.  The books, I just simply can’t part with.  I am finding that I have an easier time with the special projects that students let me save for the ‘next group’, after all there isn’t a next group.  Special things that lined my computer desk are also harder, thank you notes, pictures of my family and the brown, shabby ‘newsboy’ hat…..I absolutely cannot part with that precious hat….tomorrow I will tell you why….. xo nanc

PS  Oh, I know this is just a very terrible ending with a hook…I’m wondering if it is enough to bring you back to the next part of this story… I promise it will be posted tomorrow.

PSS Oh, I know that I’m not posting at the same time these days, I’ll try to be early, not 12:00 midnight early, but sometime around 8 am…..after all tomorrow is Sunday right????  Oh that is Central Time Zone 8 am.

PSSS I will even post a picture, promise!


9 thoughts on “the hat, the hands

  1. It is so hard getting rid of things that hold special memories for us. I still haven’t gone through the boxes I brought home. One day. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post.


  2. This made me laugh…” My mission directed by Dave…” and your question blurb when you posted…”stuff why do I have so much?” I don’t have a Dave to direct me to get rid of it so my stuff seems to multiply! It is hard to know what to archive. It is hard to let things, no matter how shabby, go when they remind us of a cherished story. I will wait to hear what yours is. 🙂


  3. I am wondering why you have a former classroom. Did you move? Change jobs? And why did Dave leave the media center? I don’t expect you to answer these questions, that’s just what I’m thinking at the moment. And I totally understand about the stuff. The last time I went through a box–it was from my own childhood through my high school years–I took pictures of some of the things, shared them on facebook with people I thought might care, and then disposed of the items.


  4. My husband and I are looking at moving our family from our first “starter house” that we intended to live in maybe five years or so (and it’s been 12 now!) to a house that our family actually fits into. I am DREADING the packing, the moving that keeping it sparkly to show and sell parts but there is a part of me that knows I will go into clean out mode (you can thank Dave for the nudge for me) and that will go a long way to helping the clutter for the future house. It’s hard to let things go but know the memories will still be there. Happy sorting Nanc!


  5. Can so identify! I have a garage full of stuff we moved from the last house and a storage locker that I pay for every month for my classroom stuff. Don’t know which makes me sadder- the fact that I am such a packrat, or the fact that my house is a mess?


  6. Let’s change the name from Dave to Mike and you would be at my house. I have discarded many things, but then new things find there way here. What will we do Nanc!?


  7. Jaana

    I am intrigued by you teaser about tomorrow! I haven’t even retired yet (if I ever will), but there are already boxes in my basement! What will I do?


  8. I hope to come back, thanks to your teaser. Have you been able to donate anything to a teacher just starting out who has a sparse room? That would be a wonderful legacy, if you can. Good luck!


  9. Reading your slice makes me wish I haven’t become (in the last year) rather unsentimental about many things. I take pictures of cards, and projects…but I keep very little. Preparing for leaving my room already, I guess….


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