slice buttonIt was going to be my 4th year slicing.  I wasn’t sure, wasn’t sure my life was full enough to slice…every…single…day.  I retired, from a very long career in the classroom and was unsure if I would have enough material without the kids and their sweet, funny voices.  I changed the look of my blog, but kept the memory of my life and of my little writing/reading classroom.  None of my friends who used to follow know that I have a new start, new blog and renewed energy…even with my broken arm.  I am almost ready to shout the news and urge my friends…just give it a go…just even for a few days.

I let Stacey know, before we got started, that I may not be able to post every day because of pain.  However, even my arm has given me energy.  I have a smaller new cast, and after I write I am very tired and I’m in this certain kind of pain, that needs some Advil, but it is good somehow too. Could this actually be exercise that is needed? The squeezing out of truth, some funny, some sad, does elicit this.

You have reminded me, that a community forged in action can happen on the internet.  It is healthy when we weigh in on each others narratives.  This is also the truth we must convey in our classroom.  Feedback…positive feedback has encouraged me to work through the pain of mining stories, the difficult process of expression and the telling… with the right and appropriate voice.

I thank God for your voices…you inspire mine.


7 thoughts on “you…

  1. I haven’t been finding you, so many posts, but am glad you’re here! Sorry about the broken arm, wow, but glad a new cast is helping. It is a good community, isn’t it?


  2. Judy C.

    It’s so good to read familiar thoughts – this is a great community. So glad that you are continuing and that your arm is healing.


  3. I started posting after I retired really scared and unsure about whether I would have anything to say. Most times I don’t. Bit that is OK. So glad you are here and able to post. Take care and hope the healing is fast.


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