cozy…a new definition

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Do any of you need to be cozy to write?

Dave:  “Why don’t you use the desk?”

Nanc:  “Stuff is on the top, too much stuff.”

Dave:  “Why not clean the stuff off?”

Nanc:  “Then it wouldn’t be cozy, I like my desk cozy.”

Dave:  “Really? I think you’re kind of lazy, stuff doesn’t make it cozy.”

I slide into my red-flowered comfy chair, the starting point of every day of my life. I start to think about needing cozy. I look at my desk and see my blue and yellow vase. It used to be Em’s in Em’s room, it reminds me of Em.  It is cozy.

A CD pokes out of a box.  My new computer doesn’t even take a CD, maybe it should be cleaned up…oh, it’is my favorite CD that cheered my students in directions of good moods, every group, every day.  Somehow it makes my desk cozier with it there.

Books stare at me on the desk…mostly professional, I definitely need Reality Checks (Stead), you never know when I’ll need to teach myself a non-fiction strategy.  Maybe you are thinking, “this girl is crazy, she doesn’t like to clean up.”  You would be right…I just haven’t put it away from the PD we did a month ago.  But does it explain the six other books lining the table or the books so crammed in the bookcase that I can even jam in another? I like to live cozy and a bit untidy. My books are the coziest things I own.  If there were trees in my room, books would be hanging from them, not money.  Money is cold and very far from cozy.

Next I do a 360 around the room.  Jeff and his pooch are in the first frame to my left.  Oh how I miss that pup. She loved me through thick and thin, when Jeff left us for the Colorado mountains and graduate school.  Dave made me give her back…to my big boy Jeff, who I miss maybe even a tiny bit more than his pup.  Both of them are cozy, with their beagle ears.

I see more books, important books, a book that I get advice from every day. It too is non-fiction/informative and is on my 10 for 10 list.   It is right beside me.  My Bible has worn edges and the binding is frayed.  Yes, it is cozy some days, but other days it cuts quickly to the core of me and pokes and challenges.

My eyes glue on another cozy frame, my first grand-daughter, Sam.  I need a Jules right next to it .  They are forever my cozy little snuggle down girls in Ecuador.  Em is pretty close, also in my line of sight… next to them in another frame.  She is standing beside me.  I usually don’t like me in the cozy pictures, but it brings to mind how we have continued to build our relationship even with the gap of a continent between us.  It is similar to my very cozy parents in the next frame.

Yikes,  tears are dripping now as I see their beautiful loving faces.  They always have believed in cozy.

I too believe in cozy.  I too believe in love.

PS  Do you have a space?  Dave started this place for me, as a gift.  It keeps on giving as I write and blog beside all of you.  He, obviously would like it if I took care of my space differently…but most of the time he understands, as long as I come out every once in a while.  He is cozy too.

This is what my cozy chair looks like  when it is all cleaned up...which is pretty much never!
This is what my cozy chair looks like when it is all cleaned up…which is pretty much never!




9 thoughts on “cozy…a new definition

  1. I love your cozy space. I usually sit at the table. However, I have been known to take paper and pencil or lap top into the living room and sit on my recliner. At times I even wrap myself up in a blanket making it all the more cozier.


  2. Oh I adore your “cozy space”. For some it’s a cluttered space, others have something a little more spartan. I believe “Cozy space” is whatever space your spirit feels warm. Truly enjoyed this tour around that which makes yours cozy.


  3. Your cozy space looks perfect to me. It is important to be surrounded by things that inspire us and are close to our heart. Then we can write from that place within that is made of who we really are!


  4. I love your kind of cozy! The pictures, the books, the “stuff” that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and cozy sound like exactly the things I would choose to surround myself with too. Your cozy corner is beautiful…lucky girl!


  5. You and I would be so compatible in a room together. I need my stuff too, but Mike seems to think I need to discard what I’m not using. I need it, some day. It is cozy, just like your stuff too.


  6. I love, love, love this space! I want/need that red chair! And I love hearing about all the treasures you have surrounding you! It really does sound cozy!


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