the war

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I love the funny,

but today was not

I love the sure path, the straight line,

but today was not

We talked in circles,

round and round,

whirling until


I caught my breath,

I gasped, needing more

for the battle,

she doesn’t get me,

I don’t get her,

we do not,

it is not funny.

it is not pretty,





22 thoughts on “the war

  1. I could feel the struggle between wanting the funny but knowing the battle needed to be waged. Your use of line breaks helped me to slow down in all the right places. Thank you for sharing.


  2. lgrainger125

    This poem resonates with my memory of the teenage angst with my daughter. I hope what it is about resolves quickly for you. Great poem! I hope you had a good sleep.


  3. One of the compliments I have most enjoyed receiving is when someone tells me “I wish I had written that”. I found this poem to be flawless; each line delightful penned, and perfectly measured. I especially paused over “she doesn’t get me” – recalling the frustration and exhaustion of similar experiences. While I don’t wish to have lived it, I do “wish I had written this”. So lovely!


  4. This is a powerful poem Nanc. I love the repetition. Your words hooked me in and I felt the angst along with you as I read. While the “war” never feels good, I hope you feel some resolution now that it’s past.


  5. Judy C.

    Great poem, Nanc. I could feel the anguish and yet felt that the need to resolve. Praying that the war will end and peace will abide.


  6. How powerful. We have all been caught up in that kind of revolving situation. Sometimes the best thing to do is just, step back, take a deep breath, and try again.


  7. Hey Nanc, I just read your poem a few times to digest it. I was working with it in my head. Wondering about how it fits for you and then how it fits for me. I loved it on both levels.


  8. Some days there are things you just need to see, need to hear, need to read. This did it today. You nailed it, exactly right. It is exactly how I feel and I can’t put it into words, especially not so few. I hope the funny doesn’t try to hide the war. I hope your war is resolved soon.


  9. Your poem captures the intensity of the emotions involved in this, and any, argument. I agree with others that your short lines are really effective at heightening this aspect of your poem. I particularly liked the image of talking in circles, whirling and getting dizzy. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Pamela Hodges

    was not
    was not
    do not
    not funny
    not pretty
    is not

    This is strong. Strong images, strong emotions. I am sorry there were so many “nots” in your day. May your talking not be in circles, may you catch your breath, may you get her, and she get you. May it be funny and pretty. May it be, “is.”


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