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for forty years I’ve been

coming down,

to the little town bordering

tracks and river.

early on, the animal pelts hung stiff

from the rafters,

this city-girl averted

her glance… until

grandma greeted,

with you behind, in tow.

your bear hug,

encircled my frame,

I assumed you were quieter

like your son,

as grandma gabbed incessantly as

she cooked



except for desserts

light as air,

we miss her, you and I

but you have learned to cook

George Foreman specials!

every Thursday night

you invite couples,

and singles,

and the lonely,

to grandma’s

checkered tablecloth,

to dine,

they bring a pie…you hope,

you carry the burgers


with your massive hands,

the only thing bigger,




PS  Last week we had a little scare.  Grandpa called 911 because he felt funny and dropped his fork while eating.  He has a small heart episode…scared us.  This 85 year old has adjusted to life without my mother-in-law…it is still hard.  But he would say, “I’ve still got living to do.”  Winter is the hard season, because he can’t be out mowing his lawns.  Love you…Grandpa. xo


6 thoughts on “grandpa

  1. My dad has had a similar journey transitioning to life without my mom. It took a full year to have him really back and now he’s going strong, until like your Grandpa, he has something.
    Aging is really for the strong.


  2. “I’ve still got living to do”…what a great attitude. Although he is now alone it sounds like he is anything but lonely. What a great testament to the kind of person he must be. As others have said, “Growing old is not for the weak of heart”.


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