fighting the war within

i sigh, i dream, i cry out

this life, this day greets in hardness,

am i willing, dare i whisper it 

the war i fight comes from

inner pools.

so liquid and deep,

it challenges me and angers

why is there not peace.

why do my words spew like daggers

and poisonous barbs.

i kneel down,

i look up,

to ask again for forgiveness 

my darkened heart,

my quick to judge thoughts,

my arrogant way

i talk to Him, he knows me…in those dark pools…he loves…always forgives…

by his stripes i am healed…renewed

PS Today i listen to a song…the lyrics by Switchfoot.  Before there can be ‘peace on earth’ i need to examine myself.  Listen for yourself.  This would be an excellent lyric to analyze with a group. Click here.

I am the war inside
I am the battle line
I am the rising tide
I am the war I fight
Eyes open, open wide
I can feel it like a crack in my spine
I can feel it like the back of my mind

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6 thoughts on “fighting the war within

  1. Wow. Powerful, courageous and thoughtful slice. It seems we face this “war” as soon as we are conscious beings. Self examination is a powerful thing most of us set aside — I think because it is too hard to face. We think its just us. I’ve been looking for why we struggle with real kindness. Kindness when we hurt inside. This is helping me. That war inside in raging.


  2. Judy C.

    How often that battle goes on – each day a new challenge, a new battle. But God is there for us – we just need to ask for His help. Thanks for your words and thoughts.


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