i want to do Thanksgiving…

Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts, amazed me last year.  My sister passed it on to me; she said, “This will change you.”

i read it.

i cried reading it.

i vowed that i would make my journey, a journey of being a person of gratitude.

i read it with my girls.  We all read the book and started noticing ways to thank Him and committed to living lives of noticing and giving thanks.



i started making hurry very important.  i forgot who i was.  i lived my life as the… i am important one.

Then, one day, i caught my breath as one of my girls said,

i was writing down my thanks….the other day...

i didn’t hear the rest because i remembered.

Today i commented on Stacey’s post of 100 thanks, and i remembered.

Looking at Ann’s blog, these words quickened in my heart…

a Personal Revolution of Gratitude turns everything around…

i turn.  i repent.  i give thanks for Jesus. He rescued me.  Amazing love…

Today, i am reminded of an old hymn…heaven came down and glory filled my soul, when at the cross the Savior made me whole, my sins were washed away and the dark has turned to day…heaven came down and glory filled my soul.

PS  Why do we capitalize the word ‘i’ ?  Is it because we are so important?  It used to make me crazy when first graders didn’t remember that rule. Today it makes sense to me. i wonder, i hope that i can get out of the habit.

giving thanks for TWT and my slicing friends today...
giving thanks for TWT and my slicing friends today…

6 thoughts on “i want to do Thanksgiving…

  1. Judy C.

    I have read the book, listened to it on audio and, i too vowed to write down my thanks – to be intentional about it, but…. life happens and even though i’m thankful for much, i haven’t followed through. This sounds like a great new year’s resolution!


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