…never ending story

It all started as a series.  Can you relate?  Depending on you age you might remember Carolyn Haywood’s books.  The first was probably read aloud in my second grade classroom, B is for Betsy, was a book that I could relate to.  She was an average little girl doing average little things in an average little town with average little friends…some kind, and some not.  She had a little sister named Star (I loved that name).

I never wanted that series to end.

As I grew there were more series, weighty series, like the Lennon Sisters, Trixie Belden and an occasional Nancy Drew (started reading because of her name).  I thought the plots were always too similar, so I quit after 10.  I think I read up to 10 because I always had my best friend Diane, reading alongside of me.  We spend lazy summer days parallel reading and sharing.  We graduated eventually to finding and trying new authors, Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney during our ‘gothic romance mystery’ phase.

We never wanted the books to end.

When we challenged each other to Gone with the Wind, our longest book, in High School. It was a pile of paper at 1,037 pages.  Both of us were extremely irritated that Rhett and Scarlet didn’t make it as a couple.  We would have read another 1,037 pages if we could make sure that it would happen.

We didn’t want to stop turning the page.

The title of my ‘new blog’ is where I am these days.  I want to continue to build the story of my life.  I want the end of my teaching life, just to be an end of a chapter and for my life to continue to have meaning and purpose.  This ‘Part 2’ will have references, to the earlier parts of my book, but right now, I am just beginning again…I find myself in discovery mode as I navigate the world of being a parent and grandparent from a distance, tread the swirling dark waters of caring for my aging much-loved parents, deciding how I can substitute teach when …really what the system seems to want is a babysitter for a day or so.  Or the bigger question is… do I even want to be that sitter, never having loved babysitting.  Will my graduate students find me credible, if I’m not in the day-to-day trenches? There are many questions, but there is one question that really has been answered….

God loves me and he wants to walk with me every single day, through my story.  He loves being on the journey with me, and although I will never be perfect on this side of heaven, it is my greatest desire to grow closer and closer to the person who created me.  I want to glorify him in all that I say and do.  I will work out my life and faith in words on this blog.

I hope you will continue to turn the page with me each week. love nanc xo

updated cover, a few years back...
updated cover, a few years back…

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20 thoughts on “…never ending story

  1. I’ve been wondering about you Nancy. I noticed that you hadn’t been there for a few weeks. Or maybe it was longer, I’m not sure. Either way I was wondering how retirement was treating you.

    I think you’re asking all of the right questions and wondering all of the right things about this new season of your life. It certainly is a new chapter, but an exciting chapter! I will be here as you go on your journey. I hope you will keep documenting it for us.


  2. Retirement is definitely a new chapter filled with many new and wonderful things. May you enjoy your new beginning. I look forward to reading about your journeys as you travel new and previously unexplored paths.


  3. Lynn

    I too retired this past June and you are so right…it is another chapter not an end! I have thought about subbing because I think we can still make a small difference and I do miss the daily contact with the kids!


  4. I’ve missed you Nanc, so glad you’re back! This is a journey that will lead to new discoveries every day. I had to laugh when you mentioned Trixie Belden, she was one of my favorite series to read. I, too, never wanted series of books to end.


    1. Yay…nice to hear from you Trixie girl. There has been much angst surrounding it all. I really never thought it would end. I’m going to be doing some writing for the district…who knows where that will go, but I am excited about things again, at least. Love ya Elsie xo


  5. What a perfect day to be back myself, Nanc. Welcome back to you too, and yes, your grad students will find you credible. They will eat up your words and experiences. Good time for a new blog as you begin Chapter 2, hey, I’ve been at it now for 10 years and I have never missed a step. Join me/us !!!!!


  6. Hi! So great to hear more about what you’ve been doing, Nanc. I can’t imagine that your grad students won’t adore what you have to teach them. You do have all that experience to share. As for subbing, I did a long time ago, found it not very inspiring, but then I learned much about management, & you don’t need that learning as I did early on. Best wishes, & will look for you next week!


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